Thursday, August 11, 2011

General Confusion; My Apologies.

Hello. I am remarkably grateful to all of you who have followed my blog. I'm so pleased that you found my ideas, or writing, or whatever interesting enough to make it a part of your Internet experience. Unfortunately, I did a rather sucky job of repaying you by not posting in forever.

You see, I have a small problem. Every single time I think or type or write out a complete thought or concept that seems true to me, I immediately contradict it. It's becoming quite a mess. I write up these pieces, think, "This would be awesome to post!", and then read it the next day and think it's the dumbest thing in existence, and there's no way I'd want to put it on a blog where (essentially) anyone could see it! It sounds trite and cliche and maybe it's inherently part of being a teenager, but I apologize for not disseminating any cool ideas as of late. I have many ideas of things to write once the school year starts up, and I'm thinking about posting weekly once September comes. Due to my now routine contradiction, though, anything could happen.

In the meantime, some things to do...
• Check out The Beheld. It's an awesome feminist-flaired beauty blog with new posts most Wednesdays, always intriguing and enouraging comment.
An interesting post on the satire in Lily Allen's music from Rachel Hills
• & A made-of-awesome feminist Nerdfighting video.

Thank you :)

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